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Welcome to Circle of Wellness – Online.  We’re glad you stopped by.


At Circle of Wellness – Online, we believe that full wellness can be achieved through a holistic approach to your total well-being.


This means we use a multi-faceted approach that balances mind, body, and spirit using methodologies collected from a multitude of sources from around the world - including, but not limited to, modern medicine, ancient/modern Chinese and Korean wisdom, ancient European disciplines, and Native American teachings.


If you are ready to make a commitment to change...to move towards full wellness...go to the Services page where you will find questionnaires that you can fill out for evaluation.


Recommendations will be based on your answers and will encompass all areas of your life including lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, and spiritual aspects, too, such as your emotional well-being and thoughts/feelings towards life as these have an impact on your physical well-being as well.


While there are many different “programs” out there that address various issues (i.e., stop smoking and/or weight loss), we firmly believe that there is no “silver bullet.” Those programs work for some people some of the time…but not ALL people all the time.


Any changes you make are entirely up to you. We are not here to tell you what to do or to sell you something (although some of our recommendations may include herbal supplements that we can make available along with books and CD’s to help you to develop your mind).


We by no means wish to replace your doctor in any wellness program that we propose.  But we can recommend dietary, herbal, or lifestyle changes that can make your doctor’s treatment more effective.


We are here as non-biased, non-judgmental outside observers to share with you some changes you can make that will improve your health and well-being.


Thank you for stopping by.  We look forward to exploring with you the answers that will lead you to your full wellness.


Creator’s blessings.



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